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Stereo visual odometry uses two camera to estimate the ego-motion of a camera by tracking features in a video sequence. If the camera system is calibrated then the full 3D Euclidean geometry can be reconstructed. The applet below shows the estimated 6-DOF pose of the camera relative to its initial position.


Because higher quality video sequences are required it might take a bit before the applet can finish downloading and start running. The left info bar shows the relative location and orientation. Orientation is displayed visually as a circle (yaw) and bar (pitch). The total estimated motion of the camera (line integral) is computed along with the distance from the origin.

The full 3D path can be shown by selected 3D view in the top left. To change the camera click on the window with the 3D view and drag the mouse to change orientation. Location can be changed using the Q,W,E,A,S,D keys. Press 'h' to return to the origin.

YouTube Video Explanation

What to look for:

  • Different trackers provide slightly different solutions.
  • How fast error builds up.

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  • The reported frame rate is for the algorithm only and does not include image input/output.