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Date  : 2016/12/07 Version : 0.26

  • Fixed a long standing unit test issue where convolve unit test would some times on some systems erratically fail
    • Appears that sometimes the random numbers caused a buffer overflow for U8 images
    • Now why it didn't have the exact same numbers every time when it has a fixed seed is disturbing...
  • Renamed EquirectangularTo* to *ToEquirectangular
    • Those classes convert pixels in * coordinates into their location in the equirectangular image
    • They are used to generate a * image from equirectangular
  • Float 32bit auto coding switched over to using auto64fto32f library
  • TypeInterpolate is now InterpolationType for consistency
  • Examples
    • InterpolatePixel added
    • Image blur added
    • Non-Maximum Suppression added
  • Demonstrations
    • Improved DemonstrationInterpolateScaleApp (renamed also)
    • Added DetectBlackEllipseApp
  • Gradle
    • Will fail on dependency version conflict now
    • Will fail when building release with SNAPSHOT dependencies
    • Resolved xstream version conflict
  • Updated DeepBoof
    • This is to get around an issue with a java wget library where it would hang instead of giving up
    • New code is also much more informative and prints out size info and download status\
  • Visualization
    • Removed a bad +PI/2 from ellipse rendering.
  • SnapToEllipseEdge * Fixed bug where it was only performing one iteration no matter what
  • Circle Asymmetric Grid Target
    • Fixed issue which was causing clusters not to form by not limiting number of neighbors within X distance
    • When clustering ellipses orientation and major/minor axis size is now taken in account.
    • Significant net improvement in regression tests, only drop in performance in blurred images