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List of all the applet examples that demonstrate different capabilities of BoofCV. Applets are java applications which run in your browser. Due to security restrictions their capability and performance is limited compare to what a full java application can do. Running these applets requires that Java 1.6 or later be installed in your system and that your browser has been correctly configured.

  • To test to see if your browser can run java click here []
  • Some of these applets are computationally expensive. This is particularly true any applet that involves processing a video stream.
  • To cut down on bandwidth usage, video streams have been highly compressed with a low frame rate. Given them a bit of a choppy appearance.
  • Many of these applets were originally created as debugging tools to aid in algorithm development.
  • When FPS (frames per second) is reference its computation does not include low level input/output operations, just the core algorithm.
Name Description

Low Level Image Processing

Blur Different operations for smoothing/blurring images.
Color Spaces Allows you to see the differences between different color representations
Derivatives Shows the first and second order image derivatives.
Contour Detects the contour/edges of objects inside an image.
Denoising Different ways to remove noise from images, e.g. wavelet and blur filters.
Interpolation Shows different interpolation algorithms scaling up an image.
Kernel Gaussian Visualizes Gaussian kernels and its derivatives of different sizes.
Gaussian Steerable Steerable Gaussian derivative kernels
Binary Operations Different basic binary image operations.
Binary Label Binary operations for labeling blobs.
Lens Distortion Shows how the image changes with lens distortion
Image Enhancement Shows several different image enhancement operations
Name Description

Image Feature Intensity

Point Intensity of different corner/point feature detectors.
Scale Space Intensity of features across scale-space.
Name Description

Detected Image Features

Extract Extraction algorithms from feature intensity images, e.g.non-maximum suppression.
Lines Detecting line features.
Point Detected image point features.
Scale Space Detected features across an image's scale-space.
Orientation Shows the orientation of detected features.
Shape Fitting Fits ellipses and polygons to contours.
Dense Optical Flow Computes the dense optical flow for two images.
Superpixels Segments the image into superpixels
Name Description

Associating Image Features

Associated Points Shows associated features in two sets of images.
Association Score Shows the relative association score between image features.
Region Description Shows the values of different tuple based region descriptions.
Name Description

Image Transforms

Fourier Discrete Fourier Transform
Wavelet Wavelet image transform.
Pyramid Discrete Image pyramid where only integer scales are allowed between layers.
Pyramid Float Image pyramid where the scale between each level can be an arbitrary positive number.
Scale Space Scale-space transform of an image.
Name Description

Camera Calibration

Calibration Monocular Demonstrates monocular camera calibration with planar targets
Calibration Stereo Demonstrates stereo camera calibration with planar targets
Rectify Calibrated Rectifies calibrated stereo images
Remove Lens Distortion Removes lens distortion from images and adjusts the view
Detect Square Grid Shows detected square grid calibration targets
Detect Chessboard Shows detected chessboard calibration targets
Lens Distortion Parameters Shows how the image changes with different lens distortion parameters
Name Description

3D Computer Vision

Stereo Disparity Computes disparity from a stereo image and creates a point cloud
Stereo Visual Odometry Visual odometry using a stereo camera
Depth Visual Odometry Visual odometry using an RGB-D sensor
Monocular Plane Visual Odometry Visual odometry using a single camera and known plane
Fiducials Estimates the 3D pose of different fiducials
Name Description

Feature Matching Applications

Tracking Points Tracking point features across a sequence of images.
Object Tracking Tracking user selected objects across a sequence of images.
Line Detection Detect lines across video sequences.
Image Stabilization Stabilizing an image sequence to remove camera jitter.
Video Mosaic Combing images together from a video sequence.
Image Stitching Stitching together multiple images.