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Algorithm Validation

Correctly implementing algorithms and producing the expected performance can be non-trivial. Academic papers more of then than not leave out important implementation details which are needed for reproducing their results. BoofCV contains over a thousand internal tests to help ensure correctness of its algorithms, but testing against external sources is often required to catch more subtle bugs. This page contains a list of important algorithms inside of BoofCV and if they have been validated against external libraries or not. Just because some code has not been validated does not mean it is incorrect.

Region Descriptors

Algorithm Status Comments
SURF Validated Original authors reference binary and others.
Oriented Gaussian Descriptor Not validated and known to not replicate the original paper

Feature Detectors

Algorithm Status Comments
Fast Hessian Validated Original authors reference binary and others.
Harris Corner
KLT Corner

3D Vision

Algorithm Status Comments
Zhang98 Compared against calibration numbers listed at author's website
Linear F
Linear H

Image Processing

Algorithm Status Comments


Algorithm Status Comments
Nearest Neighbour

Image Transformation

Algorithm Status Comments