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public interface BinaryLabelContourFinder extends BinaryContourInterface
Interface for finding contours around binary blobs and labeling the image at the same time. To get the points in a contour invoke BinaryContourInterface.loadContour(int, org.ddogleg.struct.DogArray<georegression.struct.point.Point2D_I32>) with the ID of the contour you wish to load. Adjusting the max contour size is useful in situations were memory is limited. Same for turning off inner contours. NOTE: Contours which are too small or too large are still included in the list of contours, but their contour points will not be stored. To see if it was excluded you need to load the contour and see if it has zero points. This is done because the blobs the contours came from will still be in the labeled image. Defaults:
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      void process(GrayU8 binary, GrayS32 labeled)
      Processes the binary image to find the contour of and label blobs.
      binary - Input binary image. Not modified.
      labeled - Output. Labeled image. Modified.