Interface AccessPointTracks3D

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MonoOverhead_to_MonocularPlaneVisualOdometry, MonoPlaneInfinity_to_MonocularPlaneVisualOdometry, VisOdomPixelDepthPnP_to_DepthVisualOdometry, WrapVisOdomDualTrackPnP, WrapVisOdomMonoStereoDepthPnP, WrapVisOdomQuadPnP

public interface AccessPointTracks3D extends AccessPointTracks
Provides information on point feature based SFM tracking algorithm
  • Method Details

    • getTrackWorld3D

      boolean getTrackWorld3D(int index, Point3D_F64 world)
      Returns the 3D location of the active track.
      index - The track's index in the active list
      world - The world coordinate of the track
      true if there's a location estimate or false if there isn't