Class ClusterVisualWords


public class ClusterVisualWords extends Object
Finds clusters of TupleDesc_F64 which can be used to identify frequent features, a.k.a words. Internally it uses ComputeClusters and simply extracts the inner array from the tuple.
  • Constructor Details

    • ClusterVisualWords

      public ClusterVisualWords(ComputeClusters<double[]> computeClusters, long randomSeed)
      Constructor which configures the cluster finder.
      computeClusters - Cluster finding algorithm
      randomSeed - Seed for random number generator
  • Method Details

    • addReference

      public void addReference(TupleDesc_F64 feature)
      Add a feature to the list.
      feature - image feature. Reference to inner array is saved.
    • process

      public void process(int numberOfWords)
      Clusters the list of features into the specified number of words
      numberOfWords - Number of words/clusters it should find
    • getAssignment

      public AssignCluster<double[]> getAssignment()
      Returns a transform from point to cluster.