Class BlockRowScoreNcc.F32

All Implemented Interfaces:
Enclosing class:
BlockRowScoreNcc<T extends ImageBase<T>>

public static class BlockRowScoreNcc.F32 extends BlockRowScore.ArrayS32_BF32
  • Field Details

    • eps

      public float eps
  • Constructor Details

    • F32

      public F32(int radiusWidth, int radiusHeight)
  • Method Details

    • setInput

      public void setInput(GrayF32 left, GrayF32 right)
      Description copied from interface: BlockRowScore
      Specifies the input images
      Specified by:
      setInput in interface BlockRowScore<GrayF32,float[],float[]>
      setInput in class BlockRowScore.ArrayS32_BF32
      left - left image
      right - right image
    • setBorder

      public void setBorder(ImageBorder<GrayF32> border)
      Specified by:
      setBorder in interface BlockRowScore<GrayF32,float[],float[]>
      setBorder in class BlockRowScore.ArrayS32_BF32
    • score

      public void score(float[] leftRow, float[] rightRow, int indexLeft, int indexRight, int offset, int length, float[] elementScore)
    • getMaxPerPixelError

      public int getMaxPerPixelError()
      Description copied from interface: BlockRowScore
      Returns the maximum error each pixel in the region can contribute RuntimeException should be thrown.
      Specified by:
      getMaxPerPixelError in interface BlockRowScore<GrayF32,float[],float[]>
      getMaxPerPixelError in class BlockRowScore.ArrayF32<GrayF32>
      Largest possible error for the region.
    • isRequireNormalize

      public boolean isRequireNormalize()
      Description copied from interface: BlockRowScore
      If true then the score needs to be normalized
    • normalizeScore

      public void normalizeScore(int row, int colLeft, int colRight, int numCols, int regionWidth, int regionHeight, float[] scores, int indexScores, float[] scoresNorm)
      Description copied from interface: BlockRowScore
      Applies normalization to a single row
      Specified by:
      normalizeScore in interface BlockRowScore<GrayF32,float[],float[]>
      normalizeScore in class BlockRowScore.ArrayF32<GrayF32>
      row - Row that is being normalized
      colLeft - column in left image
      colRight - column in right image
      numCols - number of columns
      regionWidth - width of the region
      regionHeight - height of the region
      scores - array with scores that are to be normalized
      indexScores - first index in scores that is to be normalized
    • getImageType

      public ImageType<GrayF32> getImageType()