Class SparseScoreRectifiedSad.S16

Enclosing interface:

public static class SparseScoreRectifiedSad.S16 extends DisparitySparseRectifiedScoreBM_S32<GrayS16>
  • Constructor Details

    • S16

      public S16(int radiusX, int radiusY)
  • Method Details

    • scoreDisparity

      protected void scoreDisparity(int disparityRange, boolean leftToRight)
      Description copied from class: DisparitySparseRectifiedScoreBM
      Scores the disparity using image patches.
      Specified by:
      scoreDisparity in class DisparitySparseRectifiedScoreBM<int[],GrayS16>
      disparityRange - The local range for disparity
      leftToRight - If true then the disparity is being from in left to right direction (the typical)