Class SelectSparseErrorBasicWta_F32

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public class SelectSparseErrorBasicWta_F32
extends Object
implements DisparitySparseSelect<float[]>

Selects the disparity with the lowest score with no additional validation. Lack of validation speeds up the code at the cost of reduced signal to noise ratio. This strategy of selecting the lowest score is also known as Winner Take All (WTA).

  • Constructor Details

    • SelectSparseErrorBasicWta_F32

      public SelectSparseErrorBasicWta_F32()
  • Method Details

    • select

      public boolean select​(DisparitySparseRectifiedScoreBM<float[],​?> scorer, int x, int y)
      Description copied from interface: DisparitySparseSelect
      Examines disparity scores and looks for the best correspondence. If no correspondence can be found then false is returned.
      Specified by:
      select in interface DisparitySparseSelect<float[]>
      scorer - Computes the disparity score
      x - Pixel coordinate x-axis
      y - Pixel coordinate y-axis
      true if a valid correspondence was found
    • getDisparity

      public double getDisparity()
      Description copied from interface: DisparitySparseSelect
      Returns the found disparity
      Specified by:
      getDisparity in interface DisparitySparseSelect<float[]>