Class KannalaBrandtUtils_F64


public class KannalaBrandtUtils_F64
extends Object
Common functions for computing the forward and inverse model.
  • Constructor Details

    • KannalaBrandtUtils_F64

      public KannalaBrandtUtils_F64()
  • Method Details

    • polynomial

      public static double polynomial​(double[] coefs, double x)
    • polytrig

      public static double polytrig​(double[] coefs, double cos, double sin)
    • polytrigGradient

      public static void polytrigGradient​(double cos, double sin, double[] gradient)
      Computes the gradient as a function of the coefficients
    • polynomialDerivative

      public static double polynomialDerivative​(double[] coefs, double x)
    • polytrigDerivative

      public static double polytrigDerivative​(double[] coefs, double cos, double sin)