Class MotionBlurOps


public class MotionBlurOps extends Object
Operations related to simulating motion blur
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    • MotionBlurOps

      public MotionBlurOps()
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    • linearMotionPsf

      public static Kernel2D_F32 linearMotionPsf(double lengthOfMotion, double phi)
      Creates a PSF for linear motion blur with constant velocity. This is done by using the equations found in [1] for phi=0, then rotating the image and converting into a kernel. [1] Reginald L. Lagendijk, Jan Biemond "Basic Methods for Image Restoration and Identification" 2005
      lengthOfMotion - Length of motion for the blur. velocity*time.
      phi - Angle of blur in the image. Radians.
      2D Kernel that represents the PSF