Class FiducialRenderEngine

Direct Known Subclasses:
FiducialImageEngine, FiducialRenderEngineGraphics2D, PdfFiducialEngine

public abstract class FiducialRenderEngine
extends Object
Interface for rendering fiducials to different document types. All units are in document specific units.
  • Constructor Summary

    Constructor Description
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    abstract void circle​(double cx, double cy, double radius)  
    abstract void draw​(GrayU8 image, double x0, double y0, double x1, double y1)  
    abstract void init()
    Init needs to be called for each new fiducial.
    abstract void inputToDocument​(double x, double y, Point2D_F64 document)  
    abstract void rectangle​(double x0, double y0, double x1, double y1)  
    abstract void setGray​(double value)
    Sets the gray scale value of the shape.
    void square​(double x0, double y0, double width)  
    abstract void square​(double x0, double y0, double width0, double thickness)  

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  • Constructor Details

    • FiducialRenderEngine

      public FiducialRenderEngine()
  • Method Details

    • init

      public abstract void init()
      Init needs to be called for each new fiducial.
    • setGray

      public abstract void setGray​(double value)
      Sets the gray scale value of the shape. 0.0 = black. 1.0 = white.
    • square

      public void square​(double x0, double y0, double width)
    • circle

      public abstract void circle​(double cx, double cy, double radius)
    • square

      public abstract void square​(double x0, double y0, double width0, double thickness)
    • rectangle

      public abstract void rectangle​(double x0, double y0, double x1, double y1)
    • draw

      public abstract void draw​(GrayU8 image, double x0, double y0, double x1, double y1)
    • inputToDocument

      public abstract void inputToDocument​(double x, double y, Point2D_F64 document)