Class ImplDescribePointPixelRegionNCC_U8

public class ImplDescribePointPixelRegionNCC_U8
extends DescribePointPixelRegionNCC<GrayU8>
Implementation of DescribePointPixelRegionNCC.
  • Constructor Details

    • ImplDescribePointPixelRegionNCC_U8

      public ImplDescribePointPixelRegionNCC_U8​(int regionWidth, int regionHeight)
  • Method Details

    • process

      public void process​(int c_x, int c_y, NccFeature desc)
      Description copied from class: DescribePointPixelRegionNCC
      Extracts the descriptor at the specified location.
      Specified by:
      process in class DescribePointPixelRegionNCC<GrayU8>
      c_x - Center of the descriptor region.
      c_y - Center of the descriptor region.
      desc - Where the description is written to.