Class NonMaxCandidate

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public class NonMaxCandidate extends Object

Performs a sparse search for local minimums/maximums by only examine around candidates.

  • Field Details

    • radius

      protected int radius
    • thresholdMin

      protected float thresholdMin
    • thresholdMax

      protected float thresholdMax
    • ignoreBorder

      protected int ignoreBorder
    • input

      protected GrayF32 input
    • endBorderX

      protected int endBorderX
    • endBorderY

      protected int endBorderY
    • pt

      protected Point2D_I16 pt
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • process

      public void process(GrayF32 intensityImage, @Nullable @Nullable ListIntPoint2D candidatesMin, @Nullable @Nullable ListIntPoint2D candidatesMax, @Nullable @Nullable DogArray<Point2D_I16> foundMin, @Nullable @Nullable DogArray<Point2D_I16> foundMax)
      Checks to see if the specified candidates are local minimums or maximums. If a candidate list is null then that test is skipped.
    • examineMinimum

      protected void examineMinimum(GrayF32 intensityImage, ListIntPoint2D candidates, DogArray<Point2D_I16> found)
    • examineMaximum

      protected void examineMaximum(GrayF32 intensityImage, ListIntPoint2D candidates, DogArray<Point2D_I16> found)
    • setSearchRadius

      public void setSearchRadius(int radius)
    • getSearchRadius

      public int getSearchRadius()
    • getThresholdMin

      public float getThresholdMin()
    • setThresholdMin

      public void setThresholdMin(float thresholdMin)
    • getThresholdMax

      public float getThresholdMax()
    • setThresholdMax

      public void setThresholdMax(float thresholdMax)
    • setBorder

      public void setBorder(int border)
    • getBorder

      public int getBorder()