Class GIntegralImageFeatureIntensity


public class GIntegralImageFeatureIntensity extends Object
Functions for computing feature intensity on an image. Image type agnostic.
  • Constructor Details

    • GIntegralImageFeatureIntensity

      public GIntegralImageFeatureIntensity()
  • Method Details

    • hessian

      public static <T extends ImageGray<T>> void hessian(T integral, int skip, int size, GrayF32 intensity, @Nullable @Nullable IntegralKernel storageKerXX, @Nullable @Nullable IntegralKernel storageKerYY, @Nullable @Nullable IntegralKernel storageKerXY)
      Computes an approximation to the Hessian's determinant.
      integral - Integral image transform of input image. Not modified.
      skip - How many pixels should it skip over.
      size - Hessian kernel's size.
      intensity - Output intensity image.