Interface HarrisCornerIntensity

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    HarrisCorner_F32, HarrisCorner_S32

    public interface HarrisCornerIntensity

    The Harris corner detector [1] is similar to the ShiTomasiCornerIntensity but avoids computing the eigenvalues directly. In theory this should be more computationally efficient.

    corner = det(D) + k*trace(D)2
    where D is the deformation matrix (see GradientCornerIntensity), and k is a tunable scalar.

    k typically has a small value, for example 0.04.

    • Method Detail

      • getKappa

        float getKappa()
        Returns the value of the tuning parameter.
        tuning parameter
      • setKappa

        void setKappa​(float kappa)
        Sets the tuning parameter.
        kappa - parameter