Class UnrollSiftScaleSpaceGradient


public class UnrollSiftScaleSpaceGradient extends Object
Precomputes the gradient for all scales in the scale-space and saves them in a list. Since it saves the entire scale space it can take up a bit of memory, but allows quick random look up of images.
  • Constructor Details

    • UnrollSiftScaleSpaceGradient

      public UnrollSiftScaleSpaceGradient()
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      public void initialize(SiftScaleSpace scaleSpace)
      Initializes data structures given the scale-space
    • process

      public void process(SiftScaleSpace scaleSpace)
      Sets the input image. Scale-space is computed and unrolled from this image
    • lookup

      public UnrollSiftScaleSpaceGradient.ImageScale lookup(double sigma)
      Looks up the image which is closest specified sigma
    • getDerivX

      public GrayF32 getDerivX(byte octaveIdx, byte scaleIdx)
    • getDerivY

      public GrayF32 getDerivY(byte octaveIdx, byte scaleIdx)