Interface HoughTransformParameters

All Known Implementing Classes:
HoughParametersFootOfNorm, HoughParametersPolar

public interface HoughTransformParameters
Parameterizes a line to a coordinate for the Hough transform. Many of these functions need to be thread safe
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      void initialize(int width, int height, GrayF32 transform)
    • isTransformValid

      boolean isTransformValid(int x, int y)
    • lineToCoordinate

      void lineToCoordinate(LineParametric2D_F32 line, Point2D_F64 coordinate)
    • transformToLine

      void transformToLine(float x, float y, LineParametric2D_F32 line)
    • parameterize

      void parameterize(int x, int y, GrayF32 transform)
    • parameterize

      void parameterize(int x, int y, float derivX, float derivY, Point2D_F32 parameter)