Class ImplGridRansacLineDetector_S16


public class ImplGridRansacLineDetector_S16 extends GridRansacLineDetector<GrayS16>
Implementation of GridRansacLineDetector for GrayS16
  • Constructor Details

    • ImplGridRansacLineDetector_S16

      public ImplGridRansacLineDetector_S16(int regionSize, int maxDetectLines, ModelMatcher<LinePolar2D_F32,Edgel> robustMatcher)
  • Method Details

    • detectEdgels

      protected void detectEdgels(int index0, int x0, int y0, GrayS16 derivX, GrayS16 derivY, GrayU8 binaryEdges)
      Description copied from class: GridRansacLineDetector
      Computes edgel information for pixels which have been flagged inside a region
      Specified by:
      detectEdgels in class GridRansacLineDetector<GrayS16>
      x0 - offset of region top left corner
      y0 - offset of region top left corner
      derivX - contains image derivative x-axis
      derivY - contains image derivative y-axis
      binaryEdges - Mark indicting which pixels are edges along a line