Class SampleIntensityImage.I16

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public static class SampleIntensityImage.I16 extends Object implements SampleIntensity<Point2D_I16>
Implementation for Point2D_I16
  • Constructor Details

    • I16

      public I16()
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    • sample

      public float sample(@Nullable @Nullable GrayF32 intensity, int index, Point2D_I16 p)
      Description copied from interface: SampleIntensity
      Returns the intensity. If the sampling method does not require the intensity image then it may be null.
      Specified by:
      sample in interface SampleIntensity<Point2D_I16>
      intensity - Image with intensity information. May be null if sampling method does not use it.
      index - Index of the point in the list
      p - Coordinate being sampled. Must be inside the image
      The intensity at the sample point
    • getX

      public int getX(Point2D_I16 p)
      Description copied from interface: SampleIntensity
      Pixel coordinate x-axis
      Specified by:
      getX in interface SampleIntensity<Point2D_I16>
    • getY

      public int getY(Point2D_I16 p)
      Description copied from interface: SampleIntensity
      Pixel coordinate y-axis
      Specified by:
      getY in interface SampleIntensity<Point2D_I16>