Class ChessboardCornerClusterFinder.Vertex

Enclosing class:
ChessboardCornerClusterFinder<T extends ImageGray<T>>

public static class ChessboardCornerClusterFinder.Vertex extends Object
Graph vertex for a corner.
  • Field Details

    • index

      public int index
      Index of the corner that this node represents
    • perpendicular

      Nodes which are close and have an orientation off by about 90 degrees
    • connections

      Final set of edges which it was decided that this vertex is connected to. Will have 2 to 4 elements.
    • marked

      public boolean marked
      Used when computing output. Indicates that the vertex has already been processed.
  • Constructor Details

    • Vertex

      public Vertex()
  • Method Details

    • reset

      public void reset()
    • pruneNonMutal

      public void pruneNonMutal(boofcv.alg.fiducial.calib.chess.ChessboardCornerClusterFinder.EdgeType which)
    • getEdgeSet

      public ChessboardCornerClusterFinder.EdgeSet getEdgeSet(boofcv.alg.fiducial.calib.chess.ChessboardCornerClusterFinder.EdgeType which)
    • toString

      public String toString()
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