Class EciEncoding


public class EciEncoding
extends Object
Information on different character encodings and ECI character sets
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    • EciEncoding

      public EciEncoding()
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    • guessEncoding

      public static String guessEncoding​(byte[] message)
      The encoding for byte messages should be ISO8859_1 or JIS, depending on which version of the specification you follow. In reality people use whatever they want and expect it to magically work. This attempts to figure out if it's ISO8859_1, JIS, or UTF8. UTF-8 is the most common and is used if its ambiguous.
      message - The raw byte message with an unknown encoding
    • isValidUTF8

      public static boolean isValidUTF8​(int v)
      Checks to see if is a valid UTF-8 character. Taken from wikipedia
    • isValidJIS

      public static boolean isValidJIS​(int v)
      Checks to see if is a valid Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) character. Taken from wikipedia
    • isValidIso8869_1

      public static boolean isValidIso8869_1​(int v)
      Checks to see if valid ISO-8859-1 encoding. Taken from wikipedia.
    • getEciCharacterSet

      public static String getEciCharacterSet​(int designator)
      ECI designator to character set. Take from ZXing. The easily available, and out of date, QR Code specification is missing this information as far as I can tell. The latest ISO is available for $50 on ISO's website.