Class QrCodeBinaryGridToPixel


public class QrCodeBinaryGridToPixel
extends Object
Given a set of control points, it computes a distortion model and allows the user to read the value of grid elements.
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  • Constructor Details

    • QrCodeBinaryGridToPixel

      public QrCodeBinaryGridToPixel()
  • Method Details

    • setTransformFromSquare

      public void setTransformFromSquare​(Polygon2D_F64 square)
    • setTransformFromLinesSquare

      public void setTransformFromLinesSquare​(QrCode qr)
      Used to estimate the image to grid coordinate system before the version is known. The top left square is used to fix the coordinate system. Then 4 lines between corners going to other QR codes is used to make it less suspectable to errors in the first 4 corners
    • addAllFeatures

      public void addAllFeatures​(QrCode qr)
    • removeOutsideCornerFeatures

      public void removeOutsideCornerFeatures()
      Outside corners on position patterns are more likely to be damaged, so remove them
    • removeFeatureWithLargestError

      public boolean removeFeatureWithLargestError()
    • computeTransform

      public void computeTransform()
    • imageToGrid

      public final void imageToGrid​(float x, float y, Point2D_F32 grid)
    • imageToGrid

      public final void imageToGrid​(double x, double y, Point2D_F64 grid)
    • gridToImage

      public final void gridToImage​(float row, float col, Point2D_F32 pixel)
    • setAdjustWithFeatures

      public void setAdjustWithFeatures​(boolean adjustWithFeatures)
    • setHomographyInv

      public void setHomographyInv​(Homography2D_F64 Hinv)