Class QrCodeBinaryGridToPixel


public class QrCodeBinaryGridToPixel extends Object
Given a set of control points, it computes a distortion model and allows the user to read the value of grid elements.
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  • Constructor Details

    • QrCodeBinaryGridToPixel

      public QrCodeBinaryGridToPixel()
  • Method Details

    • setTransformFromSquare

      public void setTransformFromSquare(Polygon2D_F64 square)
    • setTransformFromLinesSquare

      public void setTransformFromLinesSquare(QrCode qr)
      Used to estimate the image to grid coordinate system before the version is known. The top left square is used to fix the coordinate system. Then 4 lines between corners going to other QR codes is used to make it less suspectable to errors in the first 4 corners
    • addAllFeatures

      public void addAllFeatures(QrCode qr)
    • removeOutsideCornerFeatures

      public void removeOutsideCornerFeatures()
      Outside corners on position patterns are more likely to be damaged, so remove them
    • removeFeatureWithLargestError

      public boolean removeFeatureWithLargestError()
    • computeTransform

      public void computeTransform()
    • imageToGrid

      public final void imageToGrid(float x, float y, Point2D_F32 grid)
    • imageToGrid

      public final void imageToGrid(double x, double y, Point2D_F64 grid)
    • gridToImage

      public final void gridToImage(float row, float col, Point2D_F32 pixel)
    • setAdjustWithFeatures

      public void setAdjustWithFeatures(boolean adjustWithFeatures)
    • setHomographyInv

      public void setHomographyInv(Homography2D_F64 Hinv)