Class ImplBinaryInnerOps_MT


public class ImplBinaryInnerOps_MT
extends Object

Optimized binary operations for the interior of an image only. Allows less bounds checking

DESIGN NOTE: Minimizing logical operations seems to boost performance significantly. Even if this means increasing the number of array accesses. So always summing the neighbors is faster than checking one and then summing

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  • Constructor Details

    • ImplBinaryInnerOps_MT

      public ImplBinaryInnerOps_MT()
  • Method Details

    • erode4

      public static void erode4​(GrayU8 input, GrayU8 output)
    • dilate4

      public static void dilate4​(GrayU8 input, GrayU8 output)
    • edge4

      public static void edge4​(GrayU8 input, GrayU8 output)
    • erode8

      public static void erode8​(GrayU8 input, GrayU8 output)
    • dilate8

      public static void dilate8​(GrayU8 input, GrayU8 output)
    • edge8

      public static void edge8​(GrayU8 input, GrayU8 output)
    • removePointNoise

      public static void removePointNoise​(GrayU8 input, GrayU8 output)