Class ImplMedianHistogramInnerNaive


public class ImplMedianHistogramInnerNaive extends Object

Simple implementation of a histogram based median filter. Only processes the inner portion of the image.

  • Constructor Details

    • ImplMedianHistogramInnerNaive

      public ImplMedianHistogramInnerNaive()
  • Method Details

    • process

      public static void process(GrayU8 input, GrayU8 output, int radiusX, int radiusY, int[] offset, int[] histogram)
      Applies a median image filter.
      input - Input image. Not modified.
      output - Filtered output image. Modified.
      radiusX - Size of the filter region. x-axis
      radiusY - Size of the filter region. Y-axis
      offset - Array used to store relative pixel offsets.
      histogram - Saves the image histogram. Must be at least 256 elements.