Class ImplMedianSortEdgeNaive


@Generated("boofcv.alg.filter.blur.impl.GenerateImplMedianSortEdgeNaive") public class ImplMedianSortEdgeNaive extends Object

Median filter which process only the image edges and uses quick select find the median.

radius: size of the filter's box.
storage: Used to store local values. If null an array will be declared.

DO NOT MODIFY. Automatically generated code created by GenerateImplMedianSortEdgeNaive

  • Constructor Details

    • ImplMedianSortEdgeNaive

      public ImplMedianSortEdgeNaive()
  • Method Details

    • process

      public static void process(GrayF32 input, GrayF32 output, int radiusX, int radiusY, @Nullable @Nullable DogArray_F32 workspace)
    • process

      public static void process(GrayI input, GrayI output, int radiusX, int radiusY, @Nullable @Nullable DogArray_I32 workspace)