Class GradientFamilyAB


public class GradientFamilyAB extends Object

Generalized code for family of Gradient operators that have the kernels [-1 0 1]**[a b a]

  • Constructor Details

    • GradientFamilyAB

      public GradientFamilyAB()
  • Method Details

    • process

      public static void process(GrayU8 src, int kerA, int kerB, GrayS16 derivX, GrayS16 derivY)
      Computes derivative of GrayU8. Inputs can be sub-images.
    • process

      public static void process(GrayS16 src, int kerA, int kerB, GrayS16 derivX, GrayS16 derivY)
    • process

      public static void process(GrayF32 src, float kerA, float kerB, GrayF32 derivX, GrayF32 derivY)
      Computes derivative of GrayF32. None of the images can be sub-images.