Class GradientSobel_UnrolledOuter


public class GradientSobel_UnrolledOuter extends Object

This is a further improvement on GradientSobel_Outer where it reduces the number of times the array needs to be read from by saving past reads in a local variable. This required the loops to be partially unwound. In tests it runs about 25% faster than GradientSobel_Outer.

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  • Constructor Details

    • GradientSobel_UnrolledOuter

      public GradientSobel_UnrolledOuter()
  • Method Details

    • process_I8

      public static void process_I8(GrayU8 orig, GrayS16 derivX, GrayS16 derivY)
      Can only process images which are NOT sub-images.
    • process_F32

      public static void process_F32(GrayF32 orig, GrayF32 derivX, GrayF32 derivY)
      Can only process images which are NOT sub-images.
    • process_F32_sub

      public static void process_F32_sub(GrayF32 orig, GrayF32 derivX, GrayF32 derivY)
      Can process any but regular and sub-images.