Class ProjectiveToIdentity


public class ProjectiveToIdentity extends Object
Uses SVD to compute the projective transform which will turn a matrix matrix into identity, e.g. P*H = [I|0], where P is a 3x4 camera matrix and H is a 4x4 homography transform. H has the structure [P'|u] where P' (4x3) is the pseudo inverse of P and u is the nullspace of P (4x1)
  • Constructor Details

    • ProjectiveToIdentity

      public ProjectiveToIdentity()
  • Method Details

    • process

      public boolean process(DMatrixRMaj P)
      Compute projective transform that converts P into identity
      P - (Input) 3x4 camera matrix
      true if no errors
    • computeH

      public void computeH(DMatrixRMaj H)
      Retrieve projective transform H
    • getPseudoInvP

      public DMatrixRMaj getPseudoInvP()
    • getU

      public DMatrixRMaj getU()