Class P3PFinsterwalder

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public class P3PFinsterwalder extends Object implements P3PLineDistance

Solves for the 3 unknown distances between camera center and 3 observed points by finding a root of a cubic polynomial and the roots of two quadratic polynomials. Proposed by Finsterwalder in 1903, this implementation is based off the discussion in [1]. There are up to four solutions.

See P3PLineDistance for a more detailed problem description.

[1] Haralick, Robert M. and Lee, Chung-Nan and Ottenberg, Karsten and Nolle, Michael, "Review and analysis of solutions of the three point perspective pose estimation problem" Int. J. Comput. Vision, 1994 vol 13, no. 13, pages 331-356

  • Constructor Details

    • P3PFinsterwalder

      public P3PFinsterwalder(PolynomialRoots rootFinder)
      rootFinder - Root finder for a 3rd order polynomial with real roots
  • Method Details

    • process

      public boolean process(Point2D_F64 obs1, Point2D_F64 obs2, Point2D_F64 obs3, double length23, double length13, double length12)
      Description copied from interface: P3PLineDistance
      Solve for the distance between the camera's origin and each of the 3 points in 3D space.
      Specified by:
      process in interface P3PLineDistance
      obs1 - Observation of P1 in normalized image coordinates
      obs2 - Observation of P2 in normalized image coordinates
      obs3 - Observation of P3 in normalized image coordinates
      length23 - Distance between points P2 and P3
      length13 - Distance between points P1 and P3
      length12 - Distance between points P1 and P2
      true if successful or false if it failed to generate any solutions
    • getSolutions

      public DogArray<PointDistance3> getSolutions()
      Description copied from interface: P3PLineDistance
      Returns a set of solutions. Each solution contains the distance to the respective point.
      Specified by:
      getSolutions in interface P3PLineDistance
      List of solutions.