Class DecomposeAbsoluteDualQuadratic


public class DecomposeAbsoluteDualQuadratic extends Object
Decomposes the absolute quadratic to extract the rectifying homogrpahy H. This is used to go from a projective to metric (calibrated) geometry. See pg 464 in [1].

Q = H*diag([1 1 1 0])*HT and H = [K 0; -p'*K 1]

  1. R. Hartley, and A. Zisserman, "Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision", 2nd Ed, Cambridge 2003
  • Constructor Details

    • DecomposeAbsoluteDualQuadratic

      public DecomposeAbsoluteDualQuadratic()
  • Method Details

    • decompose

      public boolean decompose(DMatrix4x4 Q)
      Decomposes the passed in absolute quadratic
      Q - Absolute quadratic
      true if successful or false if it failed
    • recomputeQ

      public void recomputeQ(DMatrix4x4 Q)
      Recomputes Q from w and p.
      Q - Storage for the recomputed Q
    • computeRectifyingHomography

      public boolean computeRectifyingHomography(DMatrixRMaj H)
      Computes the rectifying homography from the decomposed Q H = [K 0; -p'*K 1] see Pg 460
    • getW

      public DMatrix3x3 getW()
    • getK

      public DMatrix3x3 getK()
    • getP

      public DMatrix3 getP()
      Coordinate of plane at infinity = pi_inf = (p,1)
      Coordinate of plane at infinity