Class ImageCoverage


public class ImageCoverage extends Object
Computes the fraction / percent of an image which is covered by image features. Converage is computed by overlaying a grid on top of the image. The size of a cell depends on the maximum number of possible features which can be detected.
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  • Field Details

    • configUniform

      public final ConfigGridUniform configUniform
      Configuration for overlaying a grid. You probably want to leave this as is
    • grid

      public final ImageGrid<ImageCoverage.Cell> grid
    • fraction

      public double fraction
      Fraction of the image covered by image features
    • targetCellPixels

      public int targetCellPixels
      Automatically computed. The targeted cell size in pixels. See ImageGrid
  • Constructor Details

    • ImageCoverage

      public ImageCoverage()
  • Method Details

    • reset

      public void reset(int maxFeatures, int width, int height)
      Resets and adjusts the grid size
      maxFeatures - Maximum number of features which can be inside an image
      width - image width
      height - image height
    • markPixel

      public void markPixel(int pixelX, int pixelY)
      Marks a pixel in the image as having contained a feature. The pixel must lie inside the image. Outside pixels have undefined and likely very bad behavior.
    • process

      public void process()
      Given the filled in grid it computes the fraction of cells with coverage