Class DisparityParameters


public class DisparityParameters
extends Object
Describes the geometric meaning of values in a disparity image.
  • Field Details

    • disparityMin

      public int disparityMin
      The minimum possible disparity value
    • disparityRange

      public int disparityRange
      The number of possible disparity values
    • baseline

      public double baseline
      The baseline between the two views
    • pinhole

      public final CameraPinhole pinhole
      Rectified camera's intrinsic parameters
    • rotateToRectified

      public final DMatrixRMaj rotateToRectified
      Rotation from view to rectified synthetic view
  • Constructor Details

    • DisparityParameters

      public DisparityParameters()
    • DisparityParameters

      public DisparityParameters​(int disparityMin, int disparityRange, double baseline, CameraPinhole pinhole)
  • Method Details

    • reset

      public void reset()
      Resets fields to their initial values
    • setTo

      public void setTo​(DisparityParameters src)
      Makes 'this' a copy of 'src'.
      src - Set of disparity parameters.
    • checkValidity

      public void checkValidity()
      Checks if specified parameters are valid