Class SegmentSlic_F32

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public class SegmentSlic_F32 extends SegmentSlic<GrayF32>
Implementation of SegmentSlic for image of type GrayF32.
  • Constructor Details

    • SegmentSlic_F32

      public SegmentSlic_F32(int numberOfRegions, float m, int totalIterations, ConnectRule connectRule)
  • Method Details

    • setColor

      public void setColor(float[] color, int x, int y)
      Description copied from class: SegmentSlic
      Sets the cluster's to the pixel color at that location
      Specified by:
      setColor in class SegmentSlic<GrayF32>
    • addColor

      public void addColor(float[] color, int index, float weight)
      Description copied from class: SegmentSlic
      Performs a weighted add to the cluster's color at the specified pixel in the image
      Specified by:
      addColor in class SegmentSlic<GrayF32>
    • colorDistance

      public float colorDistance(float[] color, int index)
      Description copied from class: SegmentSlic
      Euclidean Squared distance away that the pixel is from the provided color
      Specified by:
      colorDistance in class SegmentSlic<GrayF32>
    • getIntensity

      public float getIntensity(int x, int y)
      Description copied from class: SegmentSlic
      Intensity of the pixel at the specified location
      Specified by:
      getIntensity in class SegmentSlic<GrayF32>