Class TldFernManager


public class TldFernManager
extends Object
Lookup table for ferns. An array is used to look up each fern by value. The recommend descriptor size in the paper is 10 bits, which results in a reasonably sized table.
  • Constructor Details

    • TldFernManager

      public TldFernManager​(int descriptorSize)
      Configures the manager
      descriptorSize - Size of the fern's descriptor
  • Method Details

    • lookupFern

      public TldFernFeature lookupFern​(int value)
      Looks up the fern with the specified value. If non exist a new one is created and returned.
      value - The fern's value
      The fern associated with that value
    • lookupPosterior

      public double lookupPosterior​(int value)
      Looks up the posterior probability of the specified fern. If a fern is found its posterior is returned otherwise -1 is returned. NOTE: How unknown values are handled is a deviation from the paper.
      value - The fern's value
      Fern's posterior probability. If the value is known then return -1
    • reset

      public void reset()
    • createFern

      protected TldFernFeature createFern()