Class TldNonMaximalSuppression


public class TldNonMaximalSuppression extends Object
Performs non-maximum suppression on high confidence detected regions. A graph of connected regions is constructed. Two regions are considered connected if their overlap is above a threshold. A region is considered a local maximum if it has a score higher than all its neighbors. A weighted average is computed using all regions connected to the local maximum. NOTE: This is a completely different non-maximum algorithm from what was described in the paper. The algorithm described in the paper only approximates non-maximum suppression.
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    • TldNonMaximalSuppression

      public TldNonMaximalSuppression(double connectionThreshold)
      Configures non-maximum suppression
      connectionThreshold - Two regions are considered connected of their overlap is ≥ to this value. 0 to 1.0. A value of 0.5 is recommended
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