Class GCensusTransform


public class GCensusTransform extends Object

The Census Transform [1] computes a bit mask for each pixel in the image. If a neighboring pixel is greater than the center pixel in a region that bit is set to 1. A 3x3 region 9radius=1) is encoded in 8-bits and a 5x5 region (radius=2) in 24-bits. To compute the error between two pixels simply compute the hamming distance. The hamming distance for an input can be computed using DescriptorDistance.hamming().

DEVELOPMENT NOTE: See if this can be speed up by only comparing each pixel with another once. Code will be complex

[1] Zabih, Ramin, and John Woodfill. "Non-parametric local transforms for computing visual correspondence." European conference on computer vision. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1994.

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