Interface RelativeBetter

All Known Implementing Classes:
RelativeBetter.ErrorHardRatio, RelativeBetter.ErrorHardRatioSq, RelativeBetter.MaximizeSoftRatio

public interface RelativeBetter
Used to compare how much better a metric A is than metric B. If A is not better then 0.0 is returned.
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    static class 
    Compares error metrics (0.0 = best, larger is worse) with a hard minimum in the value of B to dampen noise for small values and avoid divide by zero errors.
    static class 
    Same as RelativeBetter.ErrorHardRatio but it assumes the input has been squared
    static class 
    Computes a ratio where the values are being maximized.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    computeBetterValue(double valueA, double valueB)
    Computes how good valueA is relative to valueB.
  • Method Details

    • computeBetterValue

      double computeBetterValue(double valueA, double valueB)
      Computes how good valueA is relative to valueB. If equal or N is better than 0.0 is returned. Otherwise a positive value is returned.
      valueA - Goodness value for A
      valueB - Goodness value for B
      goodness ratio of A over B