Class FactoryEdgeDetectors


public class FactoryEdgeDetectors extends Object
Creates different types of edge detectors.
  • Constructor Details

    • FactoryEdgeDetectors

      public FactoryEdgeDetectors()
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    • canny

      public static <T extends ImageGray<T>, D extends ImageGray<D>> CannyEdge<T,D> canny(int blurRadius, boolean saveTrace, boolean dynamicThreshold, Class<T> imageType, Class<D> derivType)
      Detects the edge of an object using the canny edge detector. The output can be a binary image and/or a graph of connected contour points.
      blurRadius - Size of the kernel used to blur the image. Try 1 or 2
      dynamicThreshold - If true then the thresholds have a range from 0 to 1 and are relative to the maximum edge intensity, if false then they are absolute intensity values.
      imageType - Type of input image.
      derivType - Type of image derivative.
      Canny edge detector
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