Package boofcv.gui.d3

Class PointCloudViewerPanelSwing

All Implemented Interfaces:
MouseListener, MouseMotionListener, MouseWheelListener, ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, EventListener, Accessible

public class PointCloudViewerPanelSwing extends JPanel implements MouseMotionListener, MouseListener, MouseWheelListener

Renders a 3D point cloud using a perspective pinhole camera model. Points are rendered as sprites which are always the same size. The image is then converted into a BufferedImage for output

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  • Constructor Details

    • PointCloudViewerPanelSwing

      public PointCloudViewerPanelSwing(float keyStepSize)
    • PointCloudViewerPanelSwing

      public PointCloudViewerPanelSwing(float hfov, float keyStepSize)
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