Class JSpringPanel

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible
Direct Known Subclasses:
FileBrowser, OpenStereoSequencesChooser

public class JSpringPanel
extends JPanel
Panel which uses SpringLayout. Contain functions that make working with Spring easier.
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Serialized Form
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • JSpringPanel

      public JSpringPanel()
  • Method Details

    • createCenterStretched

      public JPanel createCenterStretched​(JComponent left, JComponent right)
    • createLockedSides

      public static JPanel createLockedSides​(JComponent left, JComponent right, int height)
    • constrainWestNorthEast

      public void constrainWestNorthEast​(JComponent target, @Nullable @Nullable Component above, int offsetTop, int offsetSides)
    • constrainWestNorthEast

      public void constrainWestNorthEast​(JComponent targetLeft, JComponent targetRight, @Nullable @Nullable Component above, int offsetTop, int spaceLR, int offsetSides)
    • constrainWestNorth

      public void constrainWestNorth​(JComponent targetLeft, JComponent targetRight, @Nullable @Nullable Component above, int offsetTop, int spaceLR, int offsetSides)
    • constrainWestNorth

      public void constrainWestNorth​(JComponent target, Component above, int offsetTop, int offsetLeft)
    • constrainWestSouthEast

      public void constrainWestSouthEast​(JComponent target, @Nullable @Nullable Component below, int offsetBelow, int offsetSides)
    • spinner

      public JSpinner spinner​(int initial, int minimum, int maximum, int stepSize)
    • spinner

      public JSpinner spinner​(double initial, double minimum, double maximum, double stepSize)
    • constrainTopCenter

      public void constrainTopCenter​(JComponent target, @Nullable @Nullable JComponent top, int padTop)
    • constrainTopStretchH

      public void constrainTopStretchH​(JComponent target, @Nullable @Nullable JComponent top, int padTop)
    • constrainBottomCenter

      public void constrainBottomCenter​(JComponent target, JComponent bottom, int padV)
    • constrainBottomStretchH

      public void constrainBottomStretchH​(JComponent target, JComponent bottom, int padV)
    • constrainStretchHV

      public void constrainStretchHV​(JComponent target, @Nullable @Nullable JComponent top, JComponent bottom, int padV)
    • constraintSouth

      public void constraintSouth​(JComponent target, @Nullable @Nullable JComponent top, @Nullable @Nullable JComponent bottom, int padV)
      Constrain it to the top of it's bottom panel and prevent it from getting crushed below it's size