Class AssociationPanel

All Implemented Interfaces:
MouseListener, MouseMotionListener, ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, EventListener, Accessible

public class AssociationPanel
extends CompareTwoImagePanel
implements MouseListener
Shows which two features are associated with each other. An individual feature can be shown alone by clicking on it.
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Serialized Form
  • Constructor Details

    • AssociationPanel

      public AssociationPanel​(int borderSize)
  • Method Details

    • setAssociation

      public void setAssociation​(List<Point2D_F64> leftPts, List<Point2D_F64> rightPts, FastAccess<AssociatedIndex> matches)
    • setAssociation

      public void setAssociation​(List<AssociatedPair> matches)
    • setAssociation

      public void setAssociation​(List<Point2D_F64> leftPts, List<Point2D_F64> rightPts)
    • drawFeatures

      protected void drawFeatures​(Graphics2D g2, double scaleLeft, int leftX, int leftY, double scaleRight, int rightX, int rightY)
      Description copied from class: CompareTwoImagePanel
      Implement this function to draw features related to each image.
      Specified by:
      drawFeatures in class CompareTwoImagePanel
      scaleLeft - Scale of left image.
      leftX - Left image (0,0) coordinate.
      leftY - Left image (0,0) coordinate.
      scaleRight - Scale of right image.
      rightX - Right image (0,0) coordinate.
      rightY - Right image (0,0) coordinate.
    • isValidPoint

      protected boolean isValidPoint​(int index)
      Specified by:
      isValidPoint in class CompareTwoImagePanel