Class ShowImages


public class ShowImages extends Object
Displays images in a new window.
  • Constructor Details

    • ShowImages

      public ShowImages()
  • Method Details

    • showDialog

      public static void showDialog(BufferedImage img)
      Creates a dialog window showing the specified image. The function will not exit until the user clicks ok
    • showGrid

      public static ImageGridPanel showGrid(int numColumns, String title, BufferedImage... images)
      Shows a set of images in a grid pattern.
      numColumns - How many columns are in the grid
      title - Number of the window
      images - List of images to show
      Display panel
    • showWindow

      public static ImagePanel showWindow(BufferedImage img, String title)
      Creates a window showing the specified image.
    • showWindow

      public static ImagePanel showWindow(BufferedImage img, String title, boolean closeOnExit)
      Creates a window showing the specified image.
    • showWindow

      public static ImagePanel showWindow(ImageBase<?> img, String title)
    • showBlocking

      public static void showBlocking(ImageBase<?> img, String title, long milliseconds)
      Show a window for a set amount of time. Blocks until that time has elapsed
    • showBlocking

      public static void showBlocking(ImageBase<?> img, String title, long milliseconds, boolean closeOnExit)
    • showBlocking

      public static void showBlocking(JComponent component, String title, long milliseconds)
    • showWindow

      public static JFrame showWindow(JComponent component, String title)
    • showWindow

      public static JFrame showWindow(JComponent component, String title, boolean closeOnExit)
    • setupWindow

      public static JFrame setupWindow(JComponent component, String title, boolean closeOnExit)
      Sets up the window but doesn't show it. Must be called in a GUI thread
    • showWindow

      public static ImagePanel showWindow(ImageGray<?> img, ShowImages.Colorization type, String title, boolean closeOnExit)