Class SerializeFieldsYamlBase

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public class SerializeFieldsYamlBase extends Object
Base class for java serialization of public field variables. Custom error handling is provided by the errorHandler function. By default any error will throw an exception.
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    • SerializeFieldsYamlBase

      public SerializeFieldsYamlBase()
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    • serialize

      public Map<String,Object> serialize(Object config, @Nullable @Nullable Object canonical)
      Serializes the specified config. If a 'canonical' reference is provided then only what is not identical in value to the canonical is serialized.
      config - Object that is to be serialized
      canonical - Canonical object.
    • deserialize

      protected void deserialize(Object parent, Map<String,Object> state)
    • createYmlObject

      public static org.yaml.snakeyaml.Yaml createYmlObject()