Package boofcv.struct

Class QueueCorner

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class QueueCorner extends DogArray<Point2D_I16>
A list that allows fast access to a queue of points that represents corners in an image. All the points are predeclared and recycled.
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  • Constructor Details

    • QueueCorner

      public QueueCorner(int max)
    • QueueCorner

      public QueueCorner()
  • Method Details

    • append

      public final void append(int x, int y)
    • append

      public final void append(Point2D_I16 pt)
    • appendAll

      public final void appendAll(FastAccess<Point2D_I16> list)
      Adds a copy of each element in 'list' which is owned by 'this' queue
      list - The list that is to added and copied