Class MonoPlaneParameters


public class MonoPlaneParameters extends Object
Calibration parameters when the intrinsic parameters for a single camera is known and the location of the camera relative to the ground plane. In the plane's reference frame, the plane is parallel to the x-z plane and contains point (0,0,0).
  • Field Details

    • intrinsic

      public CameraPinholeBrown intrinsic
      Intrinsic parameters for the camera
    • planeToCamera

      public Se3_F64 planeToCamera
      Extrinsic parameters for the camera. Transform from plane to camera coordinate system. This is technically over specified since only orientation (3-DOF) and distance from plane (1-DOF) is needed. The extra degrees of freedom can be used to specify the local coordinate (e.g. robot) completely and simplify various camera transforms.
  • Constructor Details

    • MonoPlaneParameters

      public MonoPlaneParameters(CameraPinholeBrown intrinsic, Se3_F64 planeToCamera)
    • MonoPlaneParameters

      public MonoPlaneParameters()
  • Method Details

    • getIntrinsic

      public CameraPinholeBrown getIntrinsic()
    • setIntrinsic

      public void setIntrinsic(CameraPinholeBrown intrinsic)
    • getPlaneToCamera

      public Se3_F64 getPlaneToCamera()
    • setPlaneToCamera

      public void setPlaneToCamera(Se3_F64 planeToCamera)