Class FactoryTupleCluster


public class FactoryTupleCluster
extends Object
Factory for creating classes related to clustering of TupleDesc data structures
  • Constructor Details

    • FactoryTupleCluster

      public FactoryTupleCluster()
  • Method Details

    • kmeans

      public static <TD extends TupleDesc<TD>> StandardKMeans<TD> kmeans​(ConfigKMeans config, int minimumForThreads, int numElements, Class<TD> tupleType)
      Creates a K-means clistering algorithm
      config - Configuration for K-Means clustering
      minimumForThreads - Performance tuning parameter. A single threaded variant is used if the number of descriptors is less than this number.
      numElements - Number of elements in the tuple
      tupleType - Type of tuple
      Clustering algorithm
    • createMeanClusters

      public static <TD extends TupleDesc<TD>> ComputeMeanClusters<TD> createMeanClusters​(int numElements, int minimumForThreads, Class<TD> type)
    • createDistance

      public static <TD extends TupleDesc<TD>> PointDistance<TD> createDistance​(Class<TD> tuple)