Class PrecisionRecall


public class PrecisionRecall extends Object
Statistics related to precision and recall.
  • Field Details

    • TP

      public double TP
    • TN

      public double TN
    • FP

      public double FP
    • FN

      public double FN
  • Constructor Details

    • PrecisionRecall

      public PrecisionRecall(double TP, double TN, double FP, double FN)
    • PrecisionRecall

      public PrecisionRecall()
  • Method Details

    • getTruePositive

      public double getTruePositive()
    • getTrueNegative

      public double getTrueNegative()
    • getFalsePositive

      public double getFalsePositive()
    • getFalseNegative

      public double getFalseNegative()
    • getFMeasure

      public double getFMeasure()
    • getPrecision

      public double getPrecision()
    • getRecall

      public double getRecall()