Class PackedBigArrayPoint2D_F32

All Implemented Interfaces:
PackedArray<Point2D_F32>, LArrayAccessor<Point2D_F32>

@Generated("boofcv.struct.packed.PackedBigArrayPoint2D_F64") public class PackedBigArrayPoint2D_F32 extends Object implements PackedArray<Point2D_F32>
Packed array of Point2D_F32. Internally the point is stored in an interleaved format.
  • Field Details

    • temp

      public final Point2D_F32 temp
    • numPoints

      protected int numPoints
  • Constructor Details

    • PackedBigArrayPoint2D_F32

      public PackedBigArrayPoint2D_F32()
      Constructor where the default is used for all parameters.
    • PackedBigArrayPoint2D_F32

      public PackedBigArrayPoint2D_F32(int reservedPoints)
      Constructor where the initial number of points is specified and everything else is default
    • PackedBigArrayPoint2D_F32

      public PackedBigArrayPoint2D_F32(int reservedPoints, int blockSize, BigDogGrowth growth)
      Constructor which allows access to all array parameters
      reservedPoints - Reserve space to store this number of points initially
      blockSize - A single block will be able to store this number of points
      growth - Growth strategy to use
  • Method Details